Insights Awards

About PIMA Insights Awards

PIMA's annual competition recognizes outstanding achievement. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented based on scores earned in each of the three areas:

  • Results (50%)
  • Strategy (25%)
  • Creative Execution (25%)
All Gold award winners will be automatically entered for consideration for the annual "Best of PIMA" Award. Entries will be showcased at PIMA's 2022 Summer Insights Conference where awards are announced.


1. Lead Generation
This category includes campaigns for which the entrant had responsibility only for the lead generation component of the campaign—not for the sales conversion portion of the campaign. Entries in this category should submit detailed results and strategy information regarding generation of leads.

2. Solicitation for Guaranteed-Issue/Simplified-Issue Product 
This category includes any solicitation designed as a customer acquisition offer for a guaranteed-issue or simplified-issue product. Submission materials can include multiple efforts, i.e., waves, flights of the same or similar campaign piece. A “simplified-issue” product is intended to include products for which an application (typically including health questions or attestation) is required, but for which lab tests/paramedical exams are not typically required.

3. Solicitation for Underwritten Product 
This category includes any solicitation designed as a customer acquisition offer for an underwritten product. Submission materials can include multiple efforts, i.e., waves, flights of the same or similar campaign piece. An “underwritten” product includes those for which an application with health questions is required and for which lab tests/paramedical exams are typically required. Submission materials can include multiple efforts of the same or similar package, using the same distribution channel.

4. Customer Cross-sell and Upgrade Marketing 
This category includes sales materials, including digital marketing, designed for the purpose of upgrading, cross-selling additional product or promoting product enhancements to existing customers. Examples are billing inserts, bill messaging, reply cards, take-ones, call center messaging, email, direct mail or other marketing to existing customers.

5. Conservation/Retention 
This category includes any materials/campaigns designed to conserve existing customers, and may include newsletters, annual statements, digital marketing, customer engagement, telemarketing efforts, other efforts that utilize database information across different media and entries designed to gather information for subsequent cross-sell efforts.

6. Self-Promotion/Branding/Awareness 
This category includes entries designed as continuity communications that promote your organization or company including branding/rebranding. The materials are meant to be relationship-building, value-added in nature, awareness-building or informational. Examples are newsletters, digital, brochures, space advertisements, company letterhead, business cards, logos, television spots, videos, promotional packages, etc. Strategy, creativity, and unique approaches will be weighted higher than ROI.

How to Submit an Entry

There are three steps in the PIMA Awards online submission process:

 1.  Complete and Submit the Entry Form - Determine which category(ies) you will be entering. (You may submit up to 2 entries per category).  Please ensure you read the category descriptions carefully when choosing the correct one for your entry. In order to provide every entry with the best opportunity to win, the judges will reserve the right to move submissions if they are not entered in the correct category based on criteria and category description. The award submissions due date has been extended to May 6th.

 2.  Submit Payment - Upon completing this entry form, please go to the PIMA member login page where you will submit payment once logged in. Payment is due May 6th.

3.  Award Submission - Complete and submit this online Award Submission form (one form per entry), the Entry template and Results Worksheet. Video files may be submitted as well as links to Websites or video file. All submissions are due May 6th.

Important Information: Your files (PDF or JPG only) should include clean and clear high resolution files of all the work that best tells the story or showcases the campaign. All images and text need to be readable in order for judges to evaluate each piece.


  • 3 or fewer entries - $325 each entry
  • 4 or more entries - $300 each entry