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  • Business 2 Community: Consumer Expectations Are Changing Rapidly — Developing Insurance Affinity Partner Programs Will Help You Keep Up By Ann Dielman ( June 6, 2021) All industries — especially insurance — are facing significant transformation. Customer expectations are changing rapidly, and Millennial and Generation Z consumers are not satisfied with traditional insurance processes or products.. Read the full story here >>> #PressRelease

  • Property Caualty 360: Executives must lead in the changing insurance marketplace By Dave Armstrong ( November 15, 2019) The evolution of the insurance industry is completely dependent on people. With a new generation “coming of age,” stepping out into the workforce, commuting, and starting businesses, today’s leaders need to ensure that their organizations are evolving with the marketplace and not getting left behind. Read the full story here >>> #PressRelease

  • Independent Agent: 3 Strategies to Stay Current with Industry Regulatory Changes By Mike Griffen (February 11, 2020) Change is the only constant in life. Just last year, more than 30 states enacted cybersecurity-related legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures . The ever-changing regulatory landscape makes staying up to date on compliance onerous for insurance companies, agents, brokers and third-party administrators. Read the full story here >>> #PressRelease

  • Independent Agent: Insurance Needs Are Evolving–Can Your Marketing Technology Keep Up? By Ann Dieleman and Angela Daisy (December 1, 2020 ) For many people, 2020 has provided ample time to reconsider their life, health and property-casualty insurance needs. As we move into 2021, agents and brokers must continue to react to the changing trends in the insurance sector to thrive. Read the full story here >>> #PressRelease