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PIMA’s 500+ members are deal makers who bring unmatched industry knowledge to the table. PIMA membership is designed to leverage this collective expertise through exclusive networking and educational opportunities.

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Founders. CEOs. CFOs. CMOs. When we say the industry’s top executives belong to PIMA, we mean it. These are just a few of the the roles that are actively involved:


As a PIMA member, you will have access to:

  • A private, online directory that enables you to cultivate relationships with potential partners at your convenience.
  • An online community where you can share company updates, questions, requests, industry news, and more.

“PIMA uniquely serves my needs as CEO of WAEPA on three fronts. First, it provides unparalleled peer-to-peer interaction with other leaders of those in the affinity space. Second, it provides me direct access to providers that focus on niche business. And third, the research done directly relates to our specific industry. No other association provides this in-depth multi-faceted experience for our specialty business.”

M. Shane Canfield, Chief Executive Officer

“I’m really excited about the value PIMA brings to its members about understanding what the future brings. Our world is changing so fast. How people form groups is changing, and it’s critical for our businesses to really understand how we can leverage that and leverage the technology to make our business as successful as possible.”

Kara Shipulski, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Liberty Mutual Insurance

“The two to three most important things and ways that we’ve grown our business through PIMA is that we have a unique opportunity as a business partner. We’ve been fortunate enough to get a number of clients through PIMA. We’ve helped them grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals, but it’s also helped us grow our business and achieve our business growth goals. We’ve also had this really unique opportunity to partner with other business partners and provide services to our clients that perhaps we don’t provide directly to them. None of this would be possible without the PIMA community.”

Angela Daisy, Chief Executive Officer
Mako Direct Marketing

“Connecting with top affinity market leaders and decision makers through PIMA has enabled us to keep abreast of industry trends, expand our reach to new clientele and business partnerships, and grow our organization.”

Elizabeth Johnson, MBC®, Second Vice President
Affinity Solutions, Securian Financial Group, Inc.

“Each conference I bring a group of employees from the company with me. I see it as a development opportunity for them to learn more about the industry and continue to build their leadership expertise.”

Scott Berlin, Senior Vice President
New York Life Group Membership

“I spend a lot of time speaking at and attending conferences. Without a doubt, PIMA has the highest concentration of decision makers—and opportunities to get deals done—than any other.”

Sam Fleet, President & Chief Executive Officer
Amwins Group Benefits

“I believe one of my key responsibilities as a CEO is to support the development of our team. One way I accomplish that is by including rising talent in PIMA and bringing them with me to conferences. We get 1:1 time together and they get direct exposure to what's happening in the industry.”

Chris Burke, Chief Executive Officer
AGIA Affinity

“Over the years, I’ve attended PIMA conferences representing all three segments of the membership. As the sponsored benefits market continues to change, PIMA brings the decision-makers together to discuss the critical issues impacting our space. I have always been impressed by the opportunity to network with great people who are always willing to share ideas.”

Dave Armstrong, President
Saas Advisors

“Advancements in technology, changing consumer demands and an evolving legal and regulatory landscape mean professionals in the affinity market need to be extremely agile. I value PIMA because it’s the premier association to connect with executives in the affinity space, while keeping up with industry news and best practices.”

Kelly A. Abeles, Vice President, Strategy, Underwriting & Account Management Association & Affinity Services, Group Insurance
Prudential Insurance Company of America

Connecting and Discovering

PIMA is committed to providing you the networking and educational opportunities to help your business flourish. Some of our events include:

  • Bi-annual conferences built to help you network with the who's who of the affinity industry, while keeping you apprised of must-know trends and topics.
  • Regular webinars focused on the topics you care about, including legislative and regulatory updates, fintech, digital marketing, and more.

Peer Learning

Consider PIMA your go-to source on the affinity market. Throughout the year, you can count on resources featuring expertise from your peers, including:

  • P2P Advisory Forums
  • Articles, white pages, case studies, and research

“PIMA is the only one dealing with the specific issues that those of us in the space have. There are other places to go—whether it’s for the industry like life insurance or our functional areas like marketing. However, PIMA is where we go to understand it from our own business dynamics and model.”

Pamela Moy, President
AMA Insurance

New trends in insurtech have been a driving force in our industry. PIMA research and white papers shed light on the evolving distribution ecosystem and inform our team’s strategic plans around embedded insurance, partnership alignment and consumer engagement. PIMA reports and thought leadership consistently help us stay ahead of the curve.

Jean-Marie Lovett, President

“PIMA is always leading the way on content, networking, and overall value to the Association profession.”

Tracey Gray-Walker, Chief Executive Officer
AVMA Trust

“The combination of PIMA's networking and educational content provides me with benefits that I can't find in any other organization.”

Sean Cox, President
First Consulting & Administration

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