Code of Conduct

Members should maintain the highest ethical standards and assume a personal obligation to make their professional dealings positively reflect on PIMA, the organizations we work for and the industry we work in. This Code of Conduct applies to all members and event attendees.

PIMA members are expected to:

  • Be informed about current laws and regulations
  • Comply with the spirit of laws and regulations governing distributing, creating or administering sponsored benefits
  • Demonstrate excellence in all professional relationships
  • Present clients with all facts essential to make appropriate decisions
  • Respect and protect all confidences in relations with clients, consumers and business partners
  • Abstain from professional decisions in which there is, or appears to be, a conflict of interest
  • Continue to expand knowledge and perfect the skills essential to the conduct of business

Doing so will yield high standards of professional competence for the benefit of the sponsors we represent, the consumers we serve and the entities that regulate our industry

Approved by the PIMA Board of Directors January 23, 2020. Amended on September 27, 2023.