The Key Benefits of Being a PIMA Member — Part 1: Networking


The Importance of Networking

Running a successful business means continually optimizing your operational model and internal processes. CEOs and senior managers should always be on the lookout for inefficiencies that are limiting their company’s growth.

Yet at the same time, leaders need to be mindful of how much time they spend working in their business — it could cause them to neglect working on their business

The benefits of networking with like-minded leaders cannot be overstated. While it’s important to be engrossed in your company’s inner workings, it’s also important to zoom out, assess the competitive landscape, and network with fellow industry leaders. Developing strong relationships with industry peers gives you access to insights and operational approaches that, when applied to your company, can help you remain innovative and competitive.

Networking can also help you identify and avoid common pitfalls other companies have experienced. Just as important, it can help you unearth mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities that result in better products and services.


How a PIMA Membership Can Help With Networking and Development

Networking doesn’t need to be arduous, expensive, and time-consuming. You don’t need to cold-call business leaders, send countless LinkedIn requests, or take numerous costly business trips to be successful. By becoming a PIMA member, you instantly join a trusted network of knowledgeable peers who are eager to collaborate to drive business growth.

PIMA’s community features more than 500 business leaders in the insurance and financial services sector. Members use PIMA’s private network to exchange ideas, examine industry trends, and share insights in advisory forums and niche interest groups.

If you regularly browse PIMA’s message boards and participate in conversations, you will have a clear idea of what companies in your arena are doing to innovate, grow, and improve their services.

In addition to the forums and discussion groups, PIMA provides an online member directory that enables members to search for specific people, products, or services from organizations that understand the affinity business model. As an example, one PIMA member recently used the directory to find a new call center partner — to great success. 

PIMA members also have in-person networking opportunities. For example, PIMA hosts semiannual conferences that offer a chance to put faces to names while learning new skills and techniques from industry experts. To enhance the experience, we provide an event app that allows attendees to schedule one-on-one meetings with other attendees — among other things. 

If you need more convincing regarding PIMA’s networking capabilities, here are some quotes from current members that illustrate the benefits of networking through the community: 

  • “Trying to understand the entirety of this space is challenging. It helps to have a network of people going through the same things we are.”
  • “Our PIMA membership is invaluable. We’ve struggled in adjacent markets to our core, so this is a great place to network with and learn from others in the space.”
  • “Seeing our partners and prospects at conferences saves me money and time on travel.”

Join PIMA’s powerful community of high-caliber executives and leaders today, and gain access to invaluable support and partnerships that will help you become a stronger leader, make better decisions, and accelerate your company’s results.

Published on April 17, 2020.

PIMA® (Professional Insurance Marketing Association®) is a member-driven trade association focused exclusively on the group-sponsored benefits market.  For more information on becoming a member, click here.