Insights From Zeis Group, a 2022 PIMA Insights Award Winner


Insights From Zeis Group, a 2022 PIMA Insights Award Winner

The PIMA Insights Awards recognizes the best insurance marketing strategies that demonstrate digital innovation in the insurance market and deliver measurable results. The 2022 Gold award in the Cross-sell and Upgrade category was presented to Zeis Group for its outstanding digital marketing campaign that encouraged healthcare professionals to consider Nurses Service Organization (or NSO) or Healthcare Providers Service Organization (or HPSO) term life insurance during the pandemic.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign launched in November 2021 with the aim of promoting New York Life term life insurance with expedited underwriting to healthcare professionals who already had professional liability insurance through NSOs or HPSOs. The fall of 2021 was a time of long, tiring schedules for healthcare providers who had a renewed awareness of the personal risk they were taking on in the workplace due to COVID-19. As a result, many within this target audience had an increased interest in life insurance, even more so if it could be obtained with a quick application process.

Zeis Group built a digital marketing strategy that took elements from prior successful digital campaigns for the same audience group and tweaked them to align with the unique time in which the campaign would launch. The new strategy included campaign-specific content and a combination of email marketing and retargeting to reach the target audience.

The campaign messaging highlighted a last-chance opportunity to apply with expedited underwriting and no medical exam, while the multiwave email strategy drove traffic to a user-friendly microsite to seamlessly find costs, compare coverage options, and apply online with a quick, straightforward application process. The email communications were supplemented by paid search to retarget microsite visitors and NSO/HPSO website visitors.


Campaign Results

Much of the campaign’s success was built on the backs of prior, successful digital campaigns promoting life insurance to NSO/HPSO insureds. However, the new strategy that Zeis Group implemented to tie in the coronavirus-related workplace experiences their target audience faced at the time added a sense of urgency and opportunity for protection.

The campaign delivered 1,330 qualified leads to application portals, which resulted in 315 completed applications. These applications generated $51,280 in total annual premiums at a marketing cost of $2,733, with an impressive TAP/MC of 18.76. Additionally, the campaign helped extend the NSO/HPSO brands beyond professional liability insurance with opened emails presenting the availability of NSO/HPSO life insurance to professional liability insureds 247,507 times.

These results show the effectiveness of how a well-designed digital marketing campaign for insurance companies can resonate with its target audience, as well as the importance of continually reviewing marketing strategies to align with customers’ changing needs.

Digital innovation in insurance marketing is crucial to remain competitive. After all, as customers’ needs change, so should marketing strategies. Congratulations to Zeis Group on its well-deserved 2022 Gold PIMA Insights Award in the Cross-sell and Upgrade category.

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Published on April, 4, 2023.

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