How Securian Financial Upped Its Talent Recruitment With an Award-Winning Marketing Campaign


How Securian Financial Upped Its Talent Recruitment With an Award-Winning Marketing Campaign

The following are insights from PIMA member Securian Financial on self-promotion and brand awareness in the insurance industry. Discover the company’s knowledge and campaign that brought them success to possibly implement a similar strategy in your future promotional campaigns:

Why Securian Financial

At the 2022 PIMA Insights Awards, Securian Financial received the “Judges Choice” insurance company award in the Self-Promotion/Branding/Awareness category for its campaign “Mic drop.” Despite job market challenges, Securian Financial recruited contact center reps successfully through this campaign.

Securian had a challenge to overcome: Call center job applications saw a big dip in August 2022. To get over this challenge, Securian aimed to attract only qualified candidates for its call center roles by generating interest in a competitive job market. To do this, the company created a media strategy focusing on a social media campaign that would boost awareness and interest in open call center positions.

The objectives of the Mic Drop campaign were two-fold:

  • ·       Drive contact center job applications online.
  • ·       Increase brand awareness for Securian Financial as an employer of choice among the target audience.

Devising Securian’s Marketing Strategy and Messaging

With over 4.26 billion social media users worldwide in 2021 alone, marketers are swarming to social media instead of traditional marketing. Securian followed suit, utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to resolve the insurance talent shortage. The candidates were chosen based on their experience in retail, fulfillment centers, and customer service.

Once the organization had its prospective candidates in sight, the creative team came up with the “Mic drop” concept. This included a sign-on bonus of $1,000 and slogans, such as, “Let’s make you and your wallet smile,” “You deserve a bonus. Need we say more?” and “Enjoy flexibility and competitive pay, too.” The team also promoted social media activations focused on insurance company recruitment. The ads used words and images that didn’t discriminate against certain people or groups. 

Another strategy was listing job positions on Securian’s LinkedIn page. This opened the scope to 49 million (weekly) job seekers on LinkedIn. Securian also used Snapchat to target younger job seekers.

Results of Securian’s Successful Insurance Marketing Campaign

The campaign’s innovative offer and entertaining ads struck a chord with the target audience, leading to a resounding success that prompted an early end. The insurance marketing campaign saw the application numbers for open positions shoot up by 153% month-over-month.

However, tracking campaign results through Snapchat was challenging due to cookie limitations in Securian’s Workday instance. Securian Financial is currently working with the tech team for solutions to overcome those limitations and improve future campaigns. 

To host a successful campaign, it’s important to keep testing and learning from the results, just like Securian Financial did. With the versatility of digital advertising, it’s possible to adjust and improve as you go.

What to Consider When Creating Effective Strategies

Securian Financial understands digital marketing is a growing field where experimentation and market research lead to success. PIMA connects members and industry leaders to bridge communication gaps between consumers and businesses. This helps businesses easily connect and share their experiences.

When it comes to creating effective marketing strategies, consider these key insights from Securian Financial:

  • Understanding your target audiences and their requirements for a product or service is vital to creating campaigns with resonating messaging that drives engagement.
  • It’s crucial to stay updated with industry trends and innovations to remain relevant and not fall behind competitors.
  • Experiment and try new things. This leads to new opportunities and growth.
  • It’s imperative to measure your results and adjust your strategy accordingly to drive better conversions.

Securian Financial wants insurance leaders to know that successful marketing campaigns go beyond creating buzz — they focus on delivering real results and returns on investment. To ensure maximum ROI, try tracking campaigns that are most effective at reaching and engaging customers. Use social media, think about offering sign-on bonuses, and leverage creative marketing campaigns to boost your job applications and get you over the hurdle of talent shortages in the insurance industry.

Published on April, 4, 2023.

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