PIMA Announces 2023 Insights Awards Competition Results


CHICAGO, IL (July 5, 2023): PIMA announced the winners of its annual Insights Awards competition during its 2023 Summer Insights Conference.

PIMA's competition recognizes outstanding achievement in marketing with gold, silver, and bronze awards presented based on scores earned in results, marketing strategy, and creative execution.

“Best of PIMA” was awarded to TMA Insurance Trust for their 2022 Group Health Marketing Expansion campaign, based on their high-level communication efforts and quality copy executed throughout the campaign, the impressive number of touchpoints, and member reach anticipation efforts.

“Judges Choice” was awarded to Prudential for their NJEA Participant Optimization Pilot campaign.

Category 1 - Lead Generation

  • TMA Insurance Trust won the gold award for their Group Health Marketing Expansion campaign.
  • Pearl Companies took home the silver and bronze awards for their APSIT Brand Awareness and Google Ads Effort campaigns, respectively.

Category 2 - Acquisition-Conversion Solicitation

  • Prudential won the gold award for their State Bar of Texas Basic Member Term Life Launch.
  • WAEPA took home the silver award for their OTT Retargeting campaign.
  • AGIA Affinity took home the bronze award for their AMAC 1-Year Membership Offer with EA+ Enrollment campaign.

Category 3 - Post-sell and Retention Market

  • AGIA Affinity won the gold and silver awards for the Tripinsure Plus for EA+ Members and Emergency Assistance Plus Upgrade Development campaigns, respectively.
  • Pearl Companies took home the bronze award for their ACS AD&D Bounce-Back campaign.

Category 4 - Self-Promotion/Branding/Awareness

  • AGIA Affinity took home the gold award for their Emergency Assistance Plus Rebranding Launch campaign.
  • Prudential took home the silver and bronze awards for the AICPA Explainer Videos and AICPA 75th Anniversary Celebration campaign, respectively.

The 2023 Insights Awards Committee and judges included:

  • Brett Conley – Gallagher Affinity
  • Holly Harle – EverView
  • Erin Linney – Amalgamated Life Insurance Company
  • Amy Watts – AGIA Affinity
  • Erin Clark – Embark
  • Mark DeBoer – Darwill
  • Michael Hayden – New York Life
  • Susan Roe – AGIA Affinity
  • Jeff Zeis – Zeis Group

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